Your Lip Filler Questions Answered

Woman showing her plump lips.

Anyone considering lip injections at our Omaha practice likely has a few questions about what the process will really be like. Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural lip size or restore volume lost to aging, feeling prepared for your first appointment can help make the experience an even more positive one.

In this post, we’ll answer a few of the most common questions we receive to make sure you’re filled in on everything you need to know about lip fillers.

Which type of filler should I get?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are typically the preferred product for lip augmentation. The most popular product at our practice is JUVÉDERM®, which creates a plump, voluminous look that can last up to a year.

Where should I go for lip fillers?

Many practices offer lip injections, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re qualified to safely create excellent results. Making sure your potential injector has the proper credentials is a must. Our injectors are certified by Allergan, makers of JUVÉDERM and BOTOX®, and have performed more than 5,000 JUVÉDERM injections over the last 6 years, making our practice the number one JUVÉDERM provider in Nebraska.

If you’re still torn, looking at before-and-after photos and reading real patient reviews may help you decide which practice’s results are most in line with the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my appointment?

You don’t need to do any major prep, which is part of what makes injections so popular. We do advise patients to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and anti-inflammatory medications ahead of an appointment.

How soon can I eat after lip injections?

There’s no set amount of time. It’s best to wait until your swelling begins to subside, which may be a few hours after your appointment. However, you should avoid any foods or activities that put pressure on your lips for the first day or 2 as this may affect the look of your results.

What if I don’t like the results?

Worries about not loving your results are common, but there’s no need to fear. Our experienced injectors work to make sure your treatment creates exactly the results you’re looking for. It’s worth noting that HA fillers naturally dissolve within 6 months to a year, so your commitment is temporary. In the rare case that you would like to reverse or correct the effects sooner, we can dissolve the filler at any time with a natural product called hyaluronidase, which takes effect within 48 hours.

Is filler fatigue a real thing?

Repeated overfilling can eventually stretch out the tissues under the skin, meaning you may need more filler over time. When you work with an experienced injector who can accurately assess the amount of filler needed to create your ideal look, it’s very unlikely to become an issue.

If you have questions we didn’t answer about lip injections at our Omaha practice, please contact us online or call (402) 408-0017 (Omaha) or(402) 895-8001 (Millard) to request a personal consultation.

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