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Men from Bellevue, Lincoln, and surrounding cities can achieve a better quality of life with the latest PRP treatments, including the P-Shot® for men at Preventative Medical Clinic in Omaha, Nebraska. Make an appointment for a free consultation.

Enhance size. Improve sexual performance.

Preventative Medical Clinic is proud to offer a wide variety of treatments proven to enhance the sexual experience, including the revolutionary P-Shot® for men.

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What is the P-Shot® (Priapus Shot)?

  • A natural, nonsurgical male enhancement treatment

P-Shot®: Pioneering Natural Male Enhancement

This procedure lays the foundation for male enhancement, offering significant benefits for erectile quality and tissue health. For those seeking further advancements in sexual wellness, P-Shot 100™ builds upon these benefits, combining the regenerative power of the P-Shot with the enhancing effects of Priapus Toxin™.

Consider the P-Shot® if you struggle with:

  • Poor quality erections
  • Decreased sex drive (low libido)
  • Difficulty being sexually aroused
  • Decreased sensation or difficulty achieving orgasm during sex
  • Difficulty in attaining or maintaining an erection due to effects of prostate surgery, diabetes mellitus, or side effects from the medication such as anti-hypertensives for high blood pressure

Benefits of the P-Shot®

  • Natural penis enlargement
  • Natural growth factors injected into the penis enhance vascularity and promote healthier erectile function
  • No foreign material used in the injection
  • Natural, proven, healthy autologous (from you to you) procedure
  • Enhanced blood flow to the penis
  • Minimal discomfort virtually painless
  • No surgery, no risky anesthesia, no downtime
  • No lumpiness since the PRP is fluid, not hard and solid
  • Scientifically based; studies show increase of vascular endothelial cells in the head of the penis (corpus cavernosum), Scientifically safe
  • Natural alternative to male enhancement pills or male enhancement gimmicks
  • Better quality of erections
  • Procedure done in 20 minutes or less
  • Immediate and long term response
  • Increased sensation and pleasure
  • Strengthens and Straightens The penis
  • Healthier, more youthful skin
  • Formation of new blood vessels and new tissue growth
  • Results may last 18 months or longer
  • Helps improve any damage resulting from diabetes
  • Increases the circulation and blood flow for a generally healthier organ
  • Potentiates the effect of other erectile medications of Viagra, Cialis, especially in cases where effects of these medications are dwindling
  • Helpful to men after prostate surgery, even after prostatectomy
  • Minimal, if any, bruising or redness

Are there any dangers or side effects?

Since all of the constituents retrieved in PRP are exclusively from YOU, there is no risk of allergic reaction or intolerance ever reported in the several thousand papers written on the subject.

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Group of models smiling

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How is the P-shot® done?

  • A small quantity of your own blood (the same amount as would be drawn to do a basic blood test) is taken from your arm.
  • It is then spun in a special centrifuge machine to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that contains a high concentration of eight growth factors and signaling proteins.
  • A local anesthetic cream is applied to your arm prior to drawing the blood and to the penis to completely numb it before injecting the PRP painlessly into the penis in two areas with a very tiny needle.
  • A penis pump is then used for 15 minutes.

What makes up the components of the P-Shot®?

We will extract blood from your arm on the day of the procedure. We will then spin your blood in a centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and naturally occurring growth factors in your blood. Only the extracted PRP and growth factors will be injected. That’s it.

How long does the P-Shot® procedure take?

The P-Shot procedure will take 20 minutes or less.

Is the P-Shot® a new procedure?

The P-Shot is a fairly new procedure, but the PRP technique has been around for decades and has been used in countless other medical applications.

What does the P-Shot® cost in Omaha?

The P-shot is affordable in comparison with male enhancement surgery. Expect to pay about $1,500 per session.

How soon after the P-Shot® can results be noticed?

  • Results will be apparent shortly after the procedure is completed.
  • The full effect of the shot takes three months.
  • If desired effects are not achieved after 10 weeks, repeat the injection. (It may be repeated every 10 weeks until desired results are obtained.)

How long will the desired effects of the P-Shot® remain?

Results vary individually but are also injection technique dependent. With our skilled injection technique, the “Chicago P-Shot®,” results can last years.

Is there downtime after the P-Shot®?

There is no downtime. You can return to normal activity immediately.

When can a sexual activity be resumed following the P-Shot®?

Immediately, if you desire.

What is the post-procedure care of the P-Shot®?

We recommend the usage of a specific penis pump immediately after the injection and to continue with a specific schedule for a few weeks thereafter.

Is P-Shot® painful?

Prior to injection, we apply a numbing cream for 15-20 minutes. After the numbing cream takes effect, the injection will feel like transient pressure during the injection. There is no pain afterwards.

How much growth can I expect to experience after the P-Shot®?

Most men report 10 to 20% increase in growth. Girth increase is noticed before length growth.

How do you get the P-Shot®?

We begin with a consultation to explore your condition and expectations. This consultation will include a hormonal assessment and possible hormonal laboratory evaluation of blood, saliva or 24-hour urine testing.

Can the P-Shot® help Peyronie’s disease?

The consensus among physicians and patients is yes, but this is a new procedure. Given the limited number of available options, trying a safe and natural P-shot procedure is worth discussing with your doctor.

Our Credentials

Preventative Medical Clinic (PMC) is certified and trained in PRP procedures, which means every member of our medical team has passed certification for the preparation and application of PRP. We have continuing education on PRP preparation each year.

Preventative Medical Clinic (PMC) is certified and trained by Dr. Charles Runels, inventor of P-Shot®.

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