One of the most common skin conditions we see at our Omaha, NE, clinic is melasma. The condition causes brown patches on the face, typically on the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, forehead, and above the upper lip. In some cases, you may see melasma on other parts of the body exposed to the sun. Melasma is also associated with hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or birth control pills.

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Not all laser skin resurfacing procedures can effectively treat melasma, which typically affects women. Certain topical products can be used to minimize the appearance of melasma.


We treat melasma with this breakthrough laser skin resurfacing treatment because it’s non-ablative (meaning it doesn’t damage the surface of the skin) and is fully customizable. LaseMD gently breaks down the pigmentation that causes the brown patches that characterize melasma. The treatment requires little to no downtime and is approved by the FDA for treating melasma.

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