Why Are Millennials Getting BOTOX® in Their 20s and 30s?

Woman in her 20s or 30s sitting on her couch and smiling in Omaha, NE

It looks like Millennials are starting to get a little “BO-curious.” A recent survey by RealSelf found 51% of people ages 18 to 34 were thinking about getting a cosmetic treatment in the next year. For many of those people, injectables are high atop their wish list. BOTOX Cosmetic lovers from Lincoln, NE, and throughout the state visit our Omaha practice for the treatment and many of them are in their 30s or younger.

Why has this famous anti-aging treatment become so popular among the young? It’s all about prevention—keep reading to find out more.

Why Are Younger People Getting BOTOX?

Millennials are now entering their late 20s and 30s. While that may seem young for facial rejuvenation, it’s right around the time signs of aging often start to show.

While this crowd may not have deep-set wrinkles or creases just yet, many people notice some faint lines beginning to form, such as:

  • Crow’s feet around the outer corners of the eyes
  • “11s” between the eyebrows
  • Horizontal forehead lines

These lines all fall under the category of “dynamic wrinkles,” which are lines created by repeated muscle movements. They’re exactly what BOTOX treats best, making the injectable a fitting initial foray into the world of cosmetic treatments.

What Is Baby BOTOX & Why Do Millennials Love It?

Many younger people who are looking for subtle improvements opt for something called “baby BOTOX.” The name doesn’t have anything to do with having it done at a younger age. Instead, it refers to the small amount of BOTOX administered during the treatment.

Baby BOTOX uses fewer units spread out across a larger area to create a softer look and preserve plenty of natural movement. It gives you just enough muscle-relaxing power to subtly minimize wrinkles without making you look completely smooth.

This treatment is popular with young people who just want to tweak their looks without compromising their naturally fresh appearance. Many also use it preventatively to preserve their youthful skin and delay future aging.

What Is Preventative BOTOX & Is It Safe in the Long Term?

Preventative BOTOX refers to starting BOTOX treatments early to prevent deeper wrinkles from forming. Yes, it is safe to do in the long term—and it’s effective.

One twin study showed a woman who used BOTOX for 13 years had fewer wrinkles than her twin sister even after the product had worn off. She had no adverse effects and kept her facial aging at bay for longer.

Take a look at our past blog post to learn more about preventative BOTOX and the best time to start.

I’m a Millennial Interested in BOTOX. Where Do I Start?

Your first step is to find a trusted provider near you and schedule a consultation with an experienced injector. During this consultation, you’ll have the chance to ask questions and discuss your ideal results with your provider.

If you’re nervous about your first treatment, try starting small with fewer units and working your way up once you see how you look. It’ll take about a week for your results to set in and they will naturally wear off after 3 to 4 months.

If you have more questions about BOTOX and what to expect, please contact us online or give our med spa a call at (402) 408-0017 (Omaha) or (402) 895-8001 (Millard).

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