Treat Your Body with Food Fermentation

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Did you know that you have more bacteria cells in your body than human cells? Our bodies thrive because of bacteria, in fact only 1% of bacteria can threaten your health. The rest supports gut health digestion, immune system function, nutrient absorption and even neurological wellness. Many health conscious people take a daily probiotics for this exact reason.

Healthy bacteria is prevalent in fermented foods as well. In fact, food fermentation is the oldest form of food preservation dating back to ancient times. Modern pasteurization and sterilization have changed the way we eat, starving our bodies of the live cultures needed for optimal health.

Thankfully, fermented sauerkraut, kiefer, kombucha tea and mead wine are just a few of the fermented wonders you can still buy at health food stores. Better yet, you can create these healing foods at home and watch the process of live bacteria breaking down sugars, essentially decomposing to create energy and atoms that your gut will love! You don’t have to be a microbiologist to experiment with fermentation. Making fermented foods is as easy as pie (and much better for you). I would love to share how you can create ferments at home with a little help from Mother Nature. Come talk to me. Let’s create our own culture, eat, and be healthy!

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