Staff Favorite – Teamine Eye Complex® by Revision Skincare

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Being a graphic designer, I am extremely detail oriented. I spend several hours a week touching up models and covering their under eye circles and crows feet, so why not do the same to myself? No matter how much sleep I got each night, I still woke up with super dark under eye circles that never seemed to fade away. It bothered me so much that if I knew I was going somewhere important, or even just a night out on the town, I would go the the extreme of putting Dermablend® (a makeup used to cover tattoos for weddings and special events) under my eyes just to cover them!

I fell in love with Teamine Eye Complex® a few years ago after actually seeing the product work for myself. My friend, who I was working with at the time, had been crying due to a breakup with her boyfriend, and she didn’t want anyone to know. She pulled out several skincare samples from her desk, and put a small drop of Teamine Eye Complex® under each eye. Her bags were gone in minutes and her dark circles also seemed to improve.

Although she was pretty upset, I was actually extremely happy! After testing a few samples myself, I knew this was exactly what I needed! I have been a fan ever since.

I never truly realized how many people can benefit from this product. Not only does Teamine Eye Complex® combat dark circle and crows feet, it also illuminates the eye, helps with puffiness (even from crying), as well as tightens and firms. This product is packed with Vitamin K, E, and C, which makes me feel better knowing I’m not putting something on my face with ingredients that I can’t even pronounce! I also feel great knowing I am preventing future aging (seeing as I am 26).

Here at Preventative Medical Clinic of Kohll’s, you can pick up a jar of Teamine Eye Complex® for only $59.20, which will save you $14.80 all month long! Trust me, you have nothing to loose, so why not improve?

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