Ready to Lose Weight Yet?

Scale and Feet

Weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight require a lifestyle change. This is not easy for anyone. However, with the proper tools and encouragement, patients get motivated without feeling deprived as the pounds melt away.

Preventative Medical Clinic’s Scientifically Slim Program tackles the challenges dieters commonly face. Hunger, cravings, meal preparation, portion control and fatigue are common obstacles that can be removed through nutrition counselling, education and weight DNA testing.

DNA testing? Yes, we will test your DNA to reveal scientific information regarding your metabolic needs according to your genetic profile.

The resulting data includes in a 36 page Weight Management Genetic Profile Report will help determine the best vitamin supplementation, daily calorie intake and ratio of macronutrients (i.e. fats, carbohydrates and proteins). This will allow us to create a customized meal program for your genetic type and support weight loss in a medical clinic.

Also included in your report is the type of exercise program that will optimize weight loss based on your unique metabolism.

Finally, your genetic profile will define the challenges you may face regarding your behavioral tendencies as it relates to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With careful consideration, we are prepared to help you overcome dieting obstacles. Have problems with craving and hunger? Kohll’s Pharmacy can provide you with effective weight loss drugs for short or long term use. If you want to take a more holistic approach, The Preventative Medical clinic provides supplements to fight cravings, balance hunger hormones and help the body burn fat. Not ready to swallow a pill? Try our weekly Vita Lipo shot for extra energy and fat burning enhancement.

Having a customized diet plan in relation to your inherited genetic needs will make your efforts worthwhile. But, what if you don’t have time to cook? We’ve thought of that too. You can have meals and snacks sent directly from the labs that configure your DNA testing send to your home. The foods are all natural, taste great and are very affordable.

So really, the only question is…Are you ready yet? If you’re not sure, set a short complimentary appointment with me. Step on our Inbody scale and have your body composition of fat to muscle ratio measured or just sit and have your questions answered about what weigh loss program is right for you.

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