Prolotherapy: A Safe Alternative for Body Pain

Preventative Medical Clinic

Prolotherapy injections can provide relief from lower back pain, tendinitis, loose joints, foot and ankle pain, as well as neck and spinal pain.

Prolotherapy treats the tissue area associated with the pain through the injection of an irritant solution into the joint space. The ligaments, which connect bones together, may be torn, stretched or injured which can be very painful. The capsule surrounding the joints may become loose, which can also contribute to pain. Prolotherapy tightens the area, providing thickened cartilage (over time) which makes the joint more functional.

Prolotherapy is safe and effective, and can be a great alternative to surgery. There is also very little to no downtime associated with these injections. Many patients are back to their normal activities within a few days. Getting back into normal functions (such as mild exercise, walking, or sports) will assist with the overall healing process.

Many conditions are treated in as little as 4-8 visits, but some conditions may require more. Patients actually save time and money with Prolotherapy, which is more affordable than one may think.

If you suffer from any of these conditions, Polotherapy may help you find relief! Schedule your free consultation today to learn more!

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