NIR Laser Tummy Tightening – Just in Time for the Holidays!

Tummy Tightening

Are you a newer mom, or recently lost a significant amount of weight? Both of these would cause loose, sagging skin in the midsection which can result in a drop in your self-esteem. Even when you devote yourself to the gym, why does this never seem to go away?!

Many women and men have this problem. As life changes, so do our bodies. We tend to pack on pounds during the winter, and shed them during the warmer summer months. This also can cause a change in the appearance of all areas of our bodies, more noticeably our midsections.

All November long we are offering a special for our NIR Laser Tummy Tightening treatment. This treatment has shown significant improvement tightening the stomach area, leaving a more firm, contoured appearance.

The NIR Laser induces collagen, which causes the skin to tighten. The laser itself is a warm, bright red light that quickly glides along the treatment area. Multiple visits (just like most cosmetic procedures) will provide better, stronger results.

So, if you are looking for a more firm, contoured figure, you’re in luck! Feel free to stop in to either of our locations and speak with our experts! We are here to help you feel comfortable in your skin!

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