Introducing: Scientifically Slim DNA Weight Loss

Preventative Medical Clinic

Ever wonder why some people seem to be able to eat whatever they want and not gain a pound while you are afraid to step on the scale after a festive holiday weekend? Or, how your coworker can pass up those office cookies while sweets are all you can think about during times of stress?

The answers are engrained in your unique DNA and can be reveled with a one-time test. Test results will provide our nutritionist with genetic information centered on your individual metabolic needs and you can become slim by using science.

A 12 week weight loss program will be customized detailing the optimal balance of fat, carbohydrate and protein intake ideal for your genotype. Because everyone’s body releases fat differently, your DNA will also be tested for its responsiveness to certain activity levels and fitness programs. Nothing is left out of this comprehensive test. Genetically inherited eating behaviors, cravings, and how your mood affects food choices will also be reported. This key information provides our nutritionist with scientific facts needed to support you in life long healthy weight management.

So, if you’re ready to fit into your skinny jeans, remember the answers are in your genes!

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