Easy New Years Weight Loss from PMC!

Preventative Medical Clinic

Are you ready to have increased energy while you burn fat and detoxify your body? If so, Kohll’s has the perfect 6 week vitamin cocktail for you. With just one weekly MIC shot you will feel energized as you shed pounds.

The MIC shot contains a high dose of essential nutrients to promote removal of stored fat by enhancing liver function and increasing the flow of fats and bile from the liver and gallbladder. This weight loss shot contain lipotropic substances that speed up the removal of fat within the liver. The key amino acids used to make these shots are: Vitamin B12, Choline, Inositol and Methionine.

B12 helps to form new, healthy cells in the body. It also boosts energy, helping to increase activity levels.

Choline supports liver processes and excretion of chemical waste products within the body. Choline is also required for the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol within the body, which is important for the healthy support of the endocrine, cardiovascular and hepatic systems.

Inositol, a nutrient belonging to the B vitamin complex, participates in the action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to control mood and appetite. Lightening the mood helps support emotional eaters as the pounds melt away.

Methionine acts as a lipotropic agent to prevent excess fat buildup in the liver and the body, it’s helpful in relieving or preventing fatigue. The energy gained from the B12 and Methionine will motivate you to exercise and help you reach your weight loss goal.

The MIC shot is the perfect addition to a healthy eating and exercise plan and safe to use in conjunction with The PMC Diet. If your diet regimen needs that health rejuvenating push, try the MIC shot during our January Special for just $199.

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