Does Regular BOTOX® Use Prevent Wrinkles? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)

Using BOTOX® treatments as a preventative to wrinkles in Omaha, NE

You know and love BOTOX® Cosmetic at our Omaha med spa for its ability to erase wrinkles and give your face a fresh, youthful look. But did you know keeping up with regular BOTOX appointments actually has the power to prevent wrinkles, not just treat them? It’s true!

How does it work, and why is it worth keeping a regular appointment on the calendar? All that—plus an insider tip for saving big on treatments—below!

How Does BOTOX Get Rid of Wrinkles?

The secret behind BOTOX’s anti-aging abilities is the way it works. BOTOX addresses dynamic wrinkles, which form as a result of repeated muscle contractions over time. It does this by interrupting the signals from your brain telling a specific muscle to contract. This signal interruption lets the muscle relax and allows the overlying skin to become smooth and satisfyingly wrinkle-free.

Why Keep Regular BOTOX Appointments on the Calendar?

Any time you have BOTOX is time your skin can experience the anti-aging benefits of relaxed muscles and rejuvenated skin. Less movement means less opportunity for wrinkles to become etched more deeply into your face. That means wrinkles take much, much longer to form. Even if you decide to stop BOTOX after several years, your skin will still be smoother than it would have been if you had never tried BOTOX at all.

Keeping wrinkles at bay has an added benefit in that you won’t have to treat lines as aggressively later on. It’s a great way to delay or prevent the need for deep laser treatments or even surgeries that are more invasive and involve some downtime.

Some people even start this process as early as their 20s. It’s nicknamed “preventative BOTOX,” and you can read all about it in this previous blog post.

How Often Should I Schedule a BOTOX Appointment?

BOTOX typically lasts about 3 to 4 months, so coming in for 4 appointments per year is your best option for keeping your results fresh. How does that add up in terms of costs? Here’s where that savings tip comes in.

Consider joining a membership program designed to help you save on treatments over time. With our Black Diamond BOTOX Membership, you can save big on those 4 appointments per year so you get the best results at the best price, guaranteed.

The membership gives you access to 4 BOTOX treatments a year at just $8.45 per unit. You’ll get up to 44 units per treatment, and if you need more, additional units are just $10.25. You’ll also enjoy a few other perks, such as $100 off JUVÉDERM® fillers and laser treatments.

It’s a great way to save while staying on top of your treatments and keeping your skin looking younger for longer. Want to start saving now? Become a member today to lock in our lowest price on BOTOX all year long.

How Do I Get Started If I’m New to BOTOX?

Your first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced and trained aesthetic injectors. They will answer any questions you may have and help you plan your treatment so you get personalized results you love.

If you would like to learn more about the membership or our BOTOX treatments, please request a consultation or call us at (402) 408-0017

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