Are Your Neck and Chest Aging You?

Woman with youthful-looking neck.

When it comes to antiaging, the face is often our first focus. What many people aren’t aware of is how much the neck and chest can affect the way we look. Signs of aging such as sagging skin, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation on the neck and décolletage can significantly detract from looking youthful. Addressing these issues with med spa approaches such as laser skin treatments at our Omaha practice can turn back the clock and restore a healthy, refreshed look.

If you’re looking to reverse signs of aging on your neck and chest, you may consider one or more of these helpful treatments.

NIR Laser Treatments

If sagging around the neck is your major concern, NIR Laser treatments may be a solution. They tighten skin by heating lipids and connective tissue to stimulate collagen production for strong, youthful, elastic skin.

These controlled heat therapy treatments are noninvasive, quick, and comfortable. You’ll typically see results immediately and may require 3 to 5 follow-up appointments spaced 2 weeks apart to achieve the best, longest-lasting results.

Advanced Fluorescent Technology Laser Treatment

This pulsed light treatment known as AFT improves the appearance of age spots, sun spots, uneven skin pigmentation, and other concerns related to discoloration. It works by applying light energy to the skin, which is absorbed by pigment to create a more even appearance.

For optimal results, you’ll likely need 2 to 6 sessions performed at 4-week intervals. You’ll typically see results after about 4 weeks.


Also called collagen induction therapy, this automated variation on microneedling vertically pierces the skin to stimulate collagen production and improve lines, wrinkles, sagging, and age spots. It’s safer and more comfortable than traditional microneedling roller devices and can easily maneuver around specific areas such as the décolletage.

After your appointment, your skin will continue to increase collagen production for 2 years. You may see visible improvement after just 1 treatment, although your skin will continue to increase collagen production for up to 2 years.

At-Home Skin Care

Optimizing your daily skincare routine for antiaging can help prolong the results of your treatments and promote healthier skin long term. A few key tips include:

  • Moisturize: Keeping your skin hydrated is essential to its health and youthful appearance.
  • SPF: Wear this daily to prevent any further sun damage.
  • Exfoliate: Regularly removing outer layers of damaged skin cells will help reveal a healthier new layer.
  • Neck Exercises: Improving your neck’s muscle tone may help it appear younger.
  • Choose quality products: Our practice offers Nectifirm® products for firming the appearance of the neck and chest.

To learn more about your laser skin treatment options here in Omaha, please contact us online or call (402) 408-0017 (Omaha) or (402) 895-8001 (Millard) to request a personal consultation.

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