Are These Injections the Solution to Thinning Hair?

PRP Hair

Our experts at Preventative Medical Clinic can help get your hair back to a thicker, more appealing look in no time! We have solutions for both men and women, and use the power of PRP to help promote thicker hair growth. Read the article below, and then call us at (402) 408-0017 to get started today!

You may recognize platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as a skin care treatment that’s known for its skin-perfecting benefits, but it’s also a major player in the thinning hair category, too. PRP is a procedure where blood is drawn from the patient and spun down to extract the plasma.

“Using a patient’s own plasma and injecting it into sparse and thin areas of hair allows for the hair to thicken and hair loss to decrease,” says Englewood Cliffs, NJ, dermatologist Jeffrey Rapaport, MD. “PRP for thinning hair is a game changer—it’s effective and it works.”

Although not currently FDA-approved (there’s no standard protocol), PRP is said to be most beneficial for those who are experiencing the early stages of thinning and those whose loss is inherited. But, it can also be used preventatively. “These are patients who use it to preserve the integrity of their hair,” says Dr. Rapaport.

After the first three months, a decrease in hair loss can be noticed; six to eight months out, new growthcan be seen. “You usually see an increase in thickness by 60 to 90 percent,” says Dr. Rapaport. It’s also reported that PRP can restore some of the hair’s original color because it stimulates melanocyte production.

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