5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight — And How to Outsmart Them

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No matter how consistent you are with exercise and healthy eating, it can still be difficult to shed pounds and keep them off for good. If you’re giving it your all and are still struggling to see results, you may simply be in need of a little extra help. At Preventative Medical Clinic, we specialize in offering personalized, effective weight-loss solutions to Omaha men and women.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 reasons you’re not losing weight—and we’ll explain how we can help you overcome them.

1. Your liver is overworked.

The liver plays a key role in weight regulation and overall health, but toxins can hinder it from functioning properly. This means you’ll have trouble losing weight and absorbing nutrients. If you also struggle with low energy, bloating, high cholesterol, or hair loss, it’s likely your liver is in need of a cleanse.

Solution: A liver detox program followed twice a year. We’ll provide drink mixes and supplements containing nutrients, antioxidants, proteins, and fruit and vegetable extracts designed to promote proper digestion and support gastrointestinal detoxification.

2. You’re not working with your DNA.

Hereditary traits affect how your body responds to nutrition and exercise. Working against your genetic predisposition can lead to frustration during the weight-loss process, because you may not see results even when it seems like you’re doing everything right.

Solution: Scientifically Slim DNA Testing and a customized diet and exercise program. Using a 36-page DNA report as a guide, your nutritionist will design an effective weight-loss plan specifically for you. She’ll also provide advice and support to keep you motivated and on track throughout your lifestyle change.

3. You’re lacking vitamins.

Low B12 levels can cause fatigue and slow the conversion of food into energy. The vitamin aids in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, but some people have trouble incorporating it into their diet or properly absorbing it when taken through capsules.

Solution: Vitamin B12 shots for increased energy throughout your weight-loss journey. One of the health care professionals at our practice will inject the vitamin into a muscle or deep under the skin. We may also show you how to inject yourself at home.

4. Your metabolism needs a boost.

A naturally sluggish metabolism can cause constant hunger and make it difficult to keep weight off. The weight you do lose may be primarily water, and you may feel tired and excessively hungry no matter your food intake.

Solution: The PMC Diet encourages your body to burn fat, so you won’t feel excessively hungry. The addition of an injectable custom-compounded formula causes the body to burn its own reserves, helping you lose up to a pound a day of body fat.

5. Your body is struggling to break down fat.

No matter how hard you work, certain areas of your body may still be resistant to fat loss. Because fat tends to be deposited in certain areas, reducing these stubborn pockets often proves to be especially difficult.

Solution: VitaLipo to aid in the breakdown of fat. When used in conjunction with other healthy habits, this medication helps release fat deposits in parts of the body including the abdomen, inner thighs, and hips.

If you would like to learn more about weight loss solutions at our Omaha practice, please contact us using the online form or call (402) 408-0017.

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