5 Laser Tattoo Removal Myths

Back view of woman in white dress with black polka dots with multiple tattoos on her inner wrist

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Here’s something to ponder—studies show that up to 3 out of 4 people regret getting a tattoo. Most of those people, however, live with those regrets as the number of tattoo removal treatments performed each year is about 10%. We use advanced laser technology in Omaha, NE, at our med spa locations to minimize the appearance of tattoos to the point that they’re virtually imperceptible.

Even though laser tattoo removal technology is more effective than ever, men and women live with unwanted ink because of myths they hear about the treatment. Unfortunately, these misconceptions persist, and many individuals never even consider getting their tattoos removed.

In this blog post, we’ll address 5 of these laser tattoo removal myths and explain why the information isn’t accurate.

Myth 1: Lasers burn the skin.

Lasers used to remove tattoos target the ink with extreme precision, penetrating the skin’s upper layers to obliterate the ink directly. Older laser technology sometimes damaged the outer skin and created scars, but that is extremely rare with the advanced laser technology available today. It is important, however, to make sure the provider is trained and experienced performing laser treatments.

Myth 2: You can’t remove black ink.

This theory seems to be rooted in the idea that the darker the ink, the more difficult to remove. The truth is that black ink is the easiest to remove because black pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths. Lasers break up the ink, but some colored inks pose more of a challenge because they don’t absorb the laser energy. At Preventative Medical Clinics, we treat blue and green ink, in addition to black.

Myth 3: DIY tat removal kits work.

Removing tattoos is on the “don’t try this at home” list. A quick online search of “laser tattoo removal” yields results showing tools to use at home that are very inexpensive. Trust your instincts about things being too good to be true. Ineffective and unsafe DIY tattoo removal treatments will double your regrets about getting the tat in the first place. You should also avoid creams or other topical tattoo removal treatments because they typically use bleach and only address the most superficial skin.

Myth 4: Removing tattoos isn’t safe.

This myth hearkens back to myth number 1 regarding lasers burning the skin. When performed by a licensed laser technician in a sterile, medical environment, tattoo removal is probably safer than actually getting the tattoo. Our specialists know the amount of laser energy to use to avoid scarring. If the treatment area does scab over between sessions, it’s important not to pick at it.

Myth 5: You can remove a tattoo in one treatment.

If you’re looking for a laser tattoo removal specialist in the Omaha area and someone says they can accomplish your goal in a single treatment, find someone else. The laser technology to remove a tattoo in one session doesn’t exist. Various factors determine the number of treatments needed to effectively fade a tattoo, including the ink’s placement, the type and color of ink used, and the age of the tattoo. These aspects all need to be considered when assessing how many laser treatments are necessary.

If you have a tattoo that seemed like a good idea at the time that you now regret, contact us using the online form to request a consultation at Preventative Medical Clinics. You can also call us at (402) 408-0017 (Omaha) or (402) 895-8001 (Millard) to schedule an appointment.

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