AFT Laser Treatment – 3 Pack November Special

Did you know the sun is responsible for 90% of our visible signs of aging?! If you soak up the sun heavily during the summer months, you can guarantee your skin is paying for it! Although it may not be visible immediately, it is sure to catch up with you!

If you look at your face right now, what do you see? If you see wrinkles, dark spots, or even freckles, then you have unfortunately been punished from too much sun exposure (and if you don’t see any of this, then you must bathe in sunscreen and wear beach hats all year round!).

Knowing this information at an early age, or even now, can help you prevent further damage. Along with prevention, you can actually fix your issues now and start with a more improved canvas to protect.

Our AFT Lasers target any type of discoloration (depending on the patient) which may include sun damage or even rosacea. Now that winter is approaching, you have the perfect window to start these treatments. We are currently providing a package of three treatments at a great price to get you back where you once were.

Now is the time to treat yourself without the aging rays of the sun beating down on you! We are always here for expert advice and even free consultations to make you more comfortable. Feel free to call (402) 408-0017 for more information to take advantage of out great monthly specials!

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